Livre Echange

Livre Echange is an intercultural library with a collection of books in over 240 different languages. They needed to rethink their look fully. The two main colours of the new design – blue and yellow – resembles the painting of the library, by which making the connection with the other elements of their outlook.

Work carried out within the agency Design NG Tornay – Fribourg (Switzerland)

The “E” of the logotype is like three library shelf, but can also be seen as a pile of books.
The challenge was also to create informations flyers in 26 different languages.


For the financial report, the simplicity and modernity of the trichromatic gradient was the best to preserve the purity but also to have a strong visual impact.


I was fully in charge of their new web design. As the users doesn’t necessarily speak french or german, the goal was to be as clear and understandable as possible. Starting from zero, ergonomy was a key. I also drew the icons to support the clean-cut design.