Seasonal theaters’ visual conception

I had the chance to be involved in the conception of the seasonal visual concept for the two biggest theaters in Fribourg, Switzerland. For the season 2016-2017, the idea was to represent the shows and spectators with some trippy mushrooms, standing there, curious to discover what the art of the scene has to offer them this season. The slogan of the season is “imagine the imaginary” invites the spectator to expand his imagination even before entering the theater.

I had a blast every year researching inspiration, experimenting with some very creative visuals and then adapting the visuals to different promotional support like posters, the seasonal program’s book, advertisements and so on.





Every year, I needed to come up with some logotypes for the creation’s show (shows that are created in the theater itself) and also design the flyers and posters promoting the different shows throughout the year.





Work carried out within the agency Design NG Tornay – Fribourg (Switzerland)