Crafts&Co is a hobby brand with diverse DIY products. I was in charge of the packaging design, the brand design, the product pictures, and the promotional videos. Those products are sold online and in the shop Action (in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, and the Czech Republic).

I had direct contact with the Chinese supplier and I followed the whole production process.

Work carried out within Karsten International – Amsterdam

Hot foil applicator – Starterkit

The perfect tool to create greeting cards or any creative designs with a hot foil effect. This packaging was a great success, in fact, the customer (Action) placed a repeat order even before the product arrived in stores. They were very content with the design and the project went smooth until the production.

The packaging was printed with a gold foil to enhance the purpose of the applicator.




Hot foil refill

Refill foil in 8 different colors.


Reflection tracer

From a smartphone or a tablet, this tool enables the user to easily sketch a complex picture, with the reflection of a picture on the screen to the paper.


Heat Embossing – Startekit

This tool enables users to emboss their hand-lettering or drawing in a very easy way.


I was the lead visual designer for this promotional video. My goal was to have a DIY tutorial feeling, thus explain the usage of the product in less than a minute in a crafty/happy environment. After this video, many more with the same setup followed.

Light pad – tutorial video

Same as the embossing promotional video, I led the creation and post-production of this tutorial video.