A little bit about me

I was born in July 1988, in Switzerland. I grew up in a tiny village on the top of a mountain. There’s not much to do there apart from looking at the beautiful view. So as a kid, my main activity was to play in the forest on sunny days, and on rainy days at home, crafting some houses, cloths and building up my trolls empire.

I love challenging myself, in my work and in my personal life. When I go out of my comfort zone and I succeed, it makes me feel unstoppable and super strong. That’s also why I moved to Amsterdam in 2017, for a brand new life experience, that was a fun, exciting and a challenging adventure and I loved every bit of it! But for love I moved to Budapest in 2019 and I instantly fell for this beautiful, vibrant city and I want to be part of the buzzing creative environment there is here.

I am naturally curious and I like to pay attention to the small details of everyday life. I like to go to the theater and to summer festivals. In winter, I like to go snowboarding on fresh snow and eat a good Swiss fondue afterward.

People I worked with say I am versatile, cheerful and insightful.





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